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Placing My Baby for Adoption


5 Steps For Expectant Mothers

1. Contact Us

We are here 24/7 to discuss your questions and concerns about adoption. Call toll-free at (855) 274-4673 to get help now.

2. Talk to an Adoption Counselor

Our first priority is to help you understand your choices so that you can decide if adoption is right for you. For us to help you with the adoption plan that meets your needs, your adoption counselor will also get know what your hopes and desires are in making the adoption plan.

3. Pick an Adopting Family

We will only show you profiles of screened adoptive families who have the same preferences for an adoption plan that you do, and who have been thoroughly evaluated and screened before being approved as clients of our agency.

4. Complete your Adoption Plan

We will work to protect your interests throughout the adoption plan, but especially at the crucial period following birth at the hospital when the adoption paperwork is usually signed. Every Adoption Choices client is supported by her personal adoption counselor, but you also have access to independent legal counsel and the adoption process always goes at your pace.

5. Stay Supported

Adoption Choices does not abandon any clients after the adoption. You will continue to receive financial support through your adoption plan, your adoption counselor will continue to work with you in our post-placement counseling program, and we will make sure that your open-adoption arrangements with the adopting family are set up and working according to your plan.

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