Adoption FAQ

If you are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy and do not feel you are ready to parent, you may wish to consider adoption.

We will be happy to discuss all options related to the pregnancy with you and our local agency.

No one can tell you why you should or shouldn’t make an adoption plan. This decision is yours to make. The decision of making an adoption plan is obviously not an easy one, but sometimes it is the best choice you have. We are here to give you adoption information and counseling to provide you with resources that will help you make an informed decision.

There are many reasons women make adoption plans during their pregnancies. Some things you may want to consider while making your decision are:

  • Financial security
  • Family involvement
  • The stability of your home and relationships
  • Your plans for the future
  • What you think is best for your child

Yes! Your adoption counselor will discuss with you what matters most to you in the family you choose and only present you with the profiles and information of the Texas adoptive families we have that fit your desires.

All of the families who are approved for adoption go through rigorous background and fingerprint testing and have to have criminal and child abuse clearances from both the state and federal government. All families have to demonstrate financial, mental and emotional stability and a readiness to parent. Additionally, each family has to go through a process called a “home study” in which they are visited by a social worker who completes an evaluation of the suitability of their home environment. Additionally, you are able to choose the family with which to make an adoption plan, and in some cases, meet them in person before the birth to ensure that you feel comfortable with your selection.

Today, adoption can allow you to create a relationship with your child’s adoptive parents that can give you as much, or as little, contact as you want.

Whether you want a more open adoption that includes regular communication and even visits, or a more closed adoption with more privacy and closure, Adoption Choices will help you make the adoption plan you want

Are you pregnant and looking for information about adoption?

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Resources for Birth Mothers

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