Waiting families

Raj and Christina

Ontario, Canada

Marriage Length:10 years

Church Affiliation:Baptist

Children In Home:Female 3 year old

Community Setting:Suburban- We live in a family friendly neighbourhood with a playground and a pool.

Home Setting:Single famliy home with 3 bed room, 2 and half bath room and a fenced yard.

Child Preference:infant

Adoptive MotherAdoptive Mother

Education:Masters Degree in Music Education

Employment:Part-time piano teacher

Hobbies:Playing piano, singing, working with children, couponing and saving money, spending time with family and friends.

Personality:Sensitive, empathetic, caring, compassionate, organised, detail oriented

Unique Family Characteristics:Keller has one young brother. They were both home schooled and played music and sports growing up. Keller's family is still very close and love playing games.

Adoptive FatherAdoptive Father

Education:Bachelor's Degree in Mass Communication

Employment:Production Director / Radio host

Hobbies:Music, hunting, baseball, cooking, politics

Personality:outgoing, funny, strong-filled, leader, spontaneous, fun, playful

Unique Family Characteristics:Grew up in a military family, traveled many places. One older sister and one older brother.